UPDATE, May 28, 2019: There have been many changes to the UPS National Master agreement. Under Article 37, the employer shall continue to make a reasonable effort to reduce package car drivers’ workdays below nine and one half (9.5) hours per day for those on the 9.5 list. Article 37 section (1) c has the following new language:

The Union shall circulate and collect the names of package drivers who wish to be covered by the provisions of this Section twice each year. These lists shall be provided to the Company by January 5th and June 5th of each year.

The “opt-in” lists provided by the Union shall become effective on January 15th and June 15th. A driver may add or delete his/ her name from the list at any time, with one week’s notice to the Employer.


The last UPS regional Supplemental Agreement was ratified by members covered by the Metro Detroit Rider on April 28th.

As a result, the UPS National Master Agreement took effect at 12:01 AM on Monday, April 29th.

UPS Teamsters can look forward to receiving their retro checks—but remember that the UPS Master Agreement was imposed by the Hoffa administration using the two-thirds rule. They also used the same loophole to impose a number of UPS supplements.

This is the second UPS contract in a row that the Hoffa administration has imposed agreements on UPS Teamsters, stripping the members of their democratic right for their vote to be heard.

Is this the type of leadership UPS Teamsters want?

2013-2018 UPS National Contract

2013-2018 UPS Western Region Supplement

2018-2023 UPS National Contract

2018-2023 UPS Western Region Supplement