Our Platform

5 Changes We'll Make to Improve Our Union

1. Mobilize, Educate, and Inform the Members

A strong union is built around member involvement. Increase member participation through action committees. We will create action committees to increase member participation, and provide regular education and training programs to empower members at our worksites.

2. Improve and Increase Representation

We will improve representation and build a union that works for all members. Add more Representation to work for you. Grievances and issues will be addressed in a timely manner and stewards and business agents will work as a team. Union reps will be visible, on the ground, at worksites, working with the members.

3. Stronger Contract Negotiations & Enforcement

The grievance procedure will be honored- no more side-deals with management. We will keep members informed during contract negotiations and include effected members on all negotiating committees.

4. Reduce Unnecessary Spending

Members want their union dues to work for them, not a select few. Officer salaries will be comparable to our members.

5. Putting Members Before Politics

A strong union fights for all members and represents members equally and fairly. Decisions will be made based on member feedback and will always be made with the members’ best interest in mind.