Election 2022

Ballots for the 2022 Teamsters Local 542 election mail Monday, November 21. Vote for the Members for Members Local 542 slate!

Our slate is about change and a new direction; having union leaders that show up; and winning and enforcing strong contracts. 

Keep an eye on your mailbox and VOTE Members For Members Local 542 as soon as you get your ballot. If you have not received a ballot by Monday, Dec. 5 call 1-(866)-466-6455 to get a new one.

We can make positive change in our local. But first we have to get out and VOTE!

M4M 542Fight for Stronger Contracts

“I’m a proud Teamster. But our wages are far behind the area standard. Members for Members Local 542 will unite members to win the wages and contracts we deserve.”

Juan Saldana, Republic San Diego


M4M 542

Union Leaders Who Show Up

“When management violates our contract or treats us with disrespect, we need union leaders who will have our back. Vote Members for Members Local 542 for an end to no-show representation.”

Alma Mendoza, First Transit El Centro


M4M 542

Involve and Inform Members

"Members for Members Local 542 will put resources behind making our union work for all Teamsters, not just a few officials at the top."

Erik Schimiedel, Costco Moreno Blvd