Ballots in the election for Teamsters Local 542 leadership mail this Monday, November 21. Keep an eye on your mailbox and VOTE Members For Members Local 542 as soon as you get your ballot.


October 9: Members for Members BBQ—You’re Invited!

The fight for the future of our union is heating up.

Join Local 542 Teamsters and the Members for Members 542 Slate for a Teamster BBQ.


Winning the UPS Contract We Deserve in 2023

UPS Teamsters Elected new International Union leadership in 2021. Join Members for Members for a workshop on how we can win the UPS contract we deserve in 2023.

Members for Members Launch Campaign for New Leadership in Local 542

Local 542 members will elect local union officers this fall. On Sunday, dozens of Local 542 members kicked off our campaign for new leadership and a new direction in Teamsters Local 542.

Members for Members 542 running a slate of candidates to win better contracts and build a stronger union.

New Teamster Leadership

Members for Members 542 celebrates the O'Brien Zuckerman Teamsters United victory in the 2021 Teamster election.

March 20 Virtual Town Hall with Sean O'Brien & Fred Zuckerman

Join General President Candidate Sean O'Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Candidate Fred Zuckerman and Members for Members 542 candidates for delegate for a virtual town hall on March 20, 2021. RSVP at

We're Running for Delegates to the Teamster Convention

Members for Members 542 are running to represent rank-and-file members of our local union at the upcoming Teamster Convention.

Members for Members 542 Announce Top Two Candidates, Step Up Campaign Activity

Members for Members announced they will have a slate in the upcoming local union election of officers and announced their top two candidates.

Costco Contract Update

It has been 5 months since the new contract was ratified, and no new contract books are available. The Teamsters Costco negotiating committee and local union leadership have not even made the new contract available online.

Concerns, Contract Violations, and Labor Charges

In general a grievance is defined as a complaint or concern. In a union workplace a grievance is a complaint or concern that is submitted to management and the union for resolution. With this in mind, a grievance is any unjust act, practice or condition which management has the power to correct. Contract violations are the most common grievances.