Contract negotiations, Local 542 finances, and the Strike Fund Resolution were on the agenda at the June 23rd General Membership Meeting.

Approximately 41 members—out of 7,500 members in the local—were in attendance at the June 23rd meeting.

Local 542 is in contract negotiations with many companies including, Bimbo, US Foods San Diego, First Transit El Centro, City of Brawley, and Reddaway.

Before the financial report was read, a member made a motion for the long version of the financial report to be read. It was put to vote and the members in attendance voted in favor of hearing the long version. The not-much-longer version was read where line items from the May expense report were reported. Members asked questions about the line items for more detail and clarity on the Local's finances. Officers reported a loss of $151,890 for the month of May. 

The Local announced that the Business Agents’ reports would not be given and that the Strike Fund Resolution would be read. After the Strike Fund Resolution was read, members discussed the pros and cons of having a strike fund and asked questions about the purpose of the fund. No changes have been made to the resolution and it will be read again at the next General Membership meeting.

The next General Membership meeting will be at 7:30pm on Thursday, July 18th at the Local 542 Union Hall at 4666 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego CA.