A Strike Fund Committee meeting was held on Saturday, April 6th at the union hall.

The Committee was made up of 16 Local 542 Teamsters from several different employers.

The local 542 Executive Board of the Teamsters Local Union 542 presented a draft of a Strike Fund Resolution to the Committee. The Executive Board suggested some changes to the resolution. The Committee voted on changes to resolution. The Executive Board discussed the timeline and steps they will take to notify the entire membership of the Local 542 Strike Fund and the vote that will be conducted for the membership to approve or oppose the Fund.

Some highlights of the Resolution are:

  • The weekly member deduction will be $2 to a maximum of $104.00 per year. There will be no cap on the Strike Fund.

  • The weekly member Strike Fund benefit will be $200.00. Strike Fund eligibility shall be in accordance with the IBT Constitution.

  • The Executive Board shall seed the Strike Fund with an initial $15,000 investment.

Teamsters who are on strike can also receive strike fund benefits through the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Strike fund eligibility shall be in accordance with the IBT Constitution Article XII Sections 11-22.