UPDATE, May 28, 2019: A General Membership meeting was held on May 16th at the Local 542 Union Hall at 4666 Mission Gorge Drive, San Diego CA.  There were about 30 members in attendance out of 7,500 members in the local.

Before the financial report was read, a member made a motion for the long version of the financial report to be read. It was put to vote and voted down by the members in attendance. The short version was read where members only get to hear the total income of $460,680.43 and expenses of $425,755.67 for a net income of $34,924.76.

The local announced that the Business Agents’ reports would not be given and that the Strike Fund Resolution would be read. After the Strike Fund Resolution was read there was discussion about amending the terms as to how long an eligible member has to wait before receiving their first strike fund Benefit. A motion was made to amend the waiting period from 14 days to 7 days before receiving the first strike fund benefit. The members voted in favor of adopting the amendment. The Resolution will be read again at the June General Membership Meeting.

Although there was no Business Agents’ report, it was announced that the Costco employees will be receiving their retro pay checks by the end of the May. There was no mention as to when UPS members would receive their retro pay checks.

The next General Membership meeting will be on Sunday June 23, 2019 at the “Park Terrace Café” at the Gloria McClellan Center, 1400 Vista, CA 92084  in Vista, CA.