A General Membership meeting was held on Thursday, July 18 at the Local 542 Union Hall at 4666 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA. There were roughly 60 members in attendance. Contract negotiations, local finances and the Strike Fund Resolution were on the agenda.

The Bimbo bakery contract was ratified and there are ongoing negotiations with Reddaway, Republic Services/Otay Landfill, and US Foods San Diego.

A motion was made to dismiss the Business Agents’ report. A member moved to debate the motion and stated this would be the third month in a row that the report would not be given. After debate the motion was put to vote and the members voted in favor of dismissing the BA’s report.

A more detailed version of the financial report was read without members making a motion to hear the long version. The Secretary of Treasurer read the line items for the Local’s income and expenses for the month of June. The Local had $517,691.06 in total income and $413,711.06 in total expenses paid for a net income of $103,980.41. The Local had a loss in the month of May of $151, 890.

The Strike Fund Resolution was read for the third and final time. Members had questions about the history of past strike attempts and how and why this current resolution started. A member asked how much money each year would be put into the fund and what the total amount would be when first available to use by the members.  Members also had questions about how many members will be making contributions to the fund and would all 542 members—including seasonal or casual employees —be making the same yearly contributions to the fund as year-round employees. The Executive board did not have an answer for the exact total number of members that will be contributing to the fund, and therefore the exact total yearly contribution amount was not given. The Executive Board also did not have an answer to if seasonal workers would be making the same yearly contributions as year round employees.

The Executive Board reviewed the next steps in the process, including members secret-ballot vote on whether to adopt or reject the Strike Fund Resolution. Members will be mailed an informational packet on Friday, August 9. The packet will include an informational letter about the fund, a copy of the final Strike Fund Resolution, and voting materials, including your ballot. Our vote will be secret. The ballots will be picked up on Tuesday, August 30. A motion was made to approve the funds to pay for the cost of a company to conduct the voting process. The members voted in favor of approving the funds. The Local will use California Elections Co and it will cost $15,675, plus any additional costs.

The next General Membership meeting will be on held on Thursday August 15th at the Local 542 Union Hall at 4666 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego CA.