Our Message

Members for Members 542 is a grassroots, member-led movement working to educate and build solidarity among the rank and file. We promote member involvement to unite our voices, and mobilize Teamster power to win fair contracts and secure our future.

We are freight truck drivers, package car drivers, warehouse workers, and other Teamster workers. We go to work at UPS, Costco, YRC, Freeman, and other companies to earn our pay and Teamster benefits. We are not paid Local 542 union officers.

Members for Members 542 is a rank and file group. We are ordinary union dues-paying members of Local 542 and unionists just like you.

Members for Members 542 believes in union democracy. All members have the right to participate in union activities and to organize to hold our union's officials accountable. We educate our fellow members, and promote member involvement to strengthen our union.

We are building a growing rank and file movement to promote union democracy and reform in Local 542. We are an information source on member rights and union-related topics.

Members for Members 542 commit our own free time to helping educate and inform as many Local 542 members as possible. Join Our Movement!