Fleets have a variety of advanced technical equipment available that offer advantages to trucking operations. One very important technology are forward-facing cameras.

These are not driver-facing cameras—there is no invasion of privacy to the driver. Forward-facing cameras are constantly recording in what is known as a loop. This means that it is always recording over the previous footage, unless a 'triggered incident' occurs which may include hard braking, bumping, or impact. The cameras should not permanently store any recorded footage other than a triggered incident.

YRC has been using front-facing cameras since 2015. Internal company policy states that footage can never be used to discipline a driver. This protection against discipline is critical to our supporting front-facing cameras in all Teamster freight operations.

Front-facing cameras can be used to exonerate drivers and release companies from liability. YRC has reported three major accidents in San Diego since installing the cameras. Due to the footage provided by the cameras all three drivers were 100% vindicated and found not at fault.

The cameras should only be used for safety reasons and companies should never be allowed to use them for disciplinary action. Properly used, they can help protect Teamster drivers and all drivers on the roads, and help protect our jobs. YRC has provided a letter to their employees regarding front-facing camera policy. Click here to download the memo on front-facing cameras from the IBT Freight Division.