Day of Action

On Sunday July 14th, Members for Members 542 met with Freeman and GES Exposition at the San Diego Convention Center employees and handed out and informational flyer. The flyer contained information for Freeman employees about the Company policy on Progressive Discipline.

Enforcing OJS Rights at UPS

Members for Members 542 hit the UPS gates in Chula Vista, San Diego, and San Marcos to inform members' on their rights and methods to follow on supervision rides that UPS management performs on package car drivers. A leaflet informs members of their rights during the ride, advised on what to do during the ride, and what to do if you are harassed during the ride. Safety always overrides a sense of urgency. Click here to download the OJS leaflet.


On Friday, March 1, UPS part-timers and full-time package car drivers hit the gates and handed out a know your rights flyer to the preload part-timers. The handout listed the articles that give part-timers a 3.5-hour daily guarantee when they clock-in to work. It also listed the article that outlines part-time breaks.


Costco and UPS Teamsters were out at Costco facilities raising awareness about their contract negotiations, their right to get involved, and the importance of voting to make a difference.